Arrived, registered and raring to go


Providing a little levity, the work entitled ‘Thirsty’, depicts that iconic Australian invention, the box cask, made and printed with each artist’s own Encounter with style and technique.


The exhibition opening in the beautiful Biblioteca Central de Cantabria


Depicted as a symbol of hospitality and good humour, the casks were displayed in separate groups around the venue – viewers coming across them as ‘surprise Encounters’ – the remains of a fun time?!


16 artists wove their symbolic and personal responses into the notion of our Australian cultural diversity for this floor mounted artwork, Our Common Ground.

Our intrepid members returned from their adventures in Spain having taken part in an international printmaking conference, IMPACT 10,  in Santander on the Cantabrian coast.

Representing our members back in Sydney, they did a fantastic job under trying circumstances, mounting not one but two exhibits which addressed the Impact 10 theme of Encounter.

Here are some of the images they took, documenting the ‘Thirsty’ and ‘Our Common Ground’ themed works.