Jutta Fuhrmans

The world of Printmaking is slowly releasing its secrets to me. As Printmaker achieving a particular result, expressing my thoughts in an innovative way with a variety of techniques never stops to amaze me.

I pursue my fascination of the ballet, its movement, grace, vitality and flow in some of my work, continuing exploration brings me to new ways of expression. Printmaking is a remarkable way for us to communicate and use our own initiative.

My other love is the play and interaction with color and texture, again also shapes.

Being a late bloomer ‘ printmaker’  it drives me to explore and learn as much as I can, meeting the challenges of exhibiting and sharing the work. Getting involved with new projects reinforces in me what I do know, but it also instigates excitement about finding out something new and challenging.

‘ The best thing about printmaking is the camaraderie in the workshop, shared responsibilities ‘, spoken by Artist John Hoyland

“Tidal Weave”

“Purple Scream”

“Tidal Weave 2”