As a Printmaker and Visual Arts Educator, inspiration for my subject matter comes from: myths and legends, the controversial topics of science versus religion and fictional characters. Inspired [...]

Barbara MAY

My work is created with a keen interest in nature. The outdoors in the snowy mountains has given me plenty to play with especially the snow gums with their brilliant shape, form and colour. The [...]

Deidre Vaill

My images tend to be of objects and scenes that have captured my imagination because of their shape, texture or colour, but need to be conveyed in recognisable form.

Elizabeth COWELL

Elizabeth Cowell has been working across all print mediums and more recently, has been concentrating on etching and screen-printing. She enjoys exploring the natural world, with its organic [...]

Heather KEPSKI

I try to capture the simple things of life that make our lives manageable during difficult times as well as trying to engage viewers to explore the more complex issues that lie beyond the surface [...]

Helen Brancatisano

Researching historical, literary and personal narratives, I explore the conflicting sides of human experience such as entrapment and freedom, power and submission, and the temporal and spiritual. [...]

Jan Farrell

Inspired by many travels, Jan's seductive prints are the result of many layers and transformations.

Jill Stratton-Kelly

A large part of my enjoyment of printmaking is the variety of techniques available for creating a print, including collagraphs, etching and mixed media prints.


For the last 30 years my work has been the result of direct observation of natural forms. Representing the beauty in Nature creates a necessary harmonic within me.


Judith is an unorthodox printmaker who pushes and pulls traditional printmaking techniques, shaping them to suit her own creative energies on a variety of fine art paper, layering them into [...]


I pursue my fascination of the ballet, its movement, grace, vitality and flow in some of my work, continuing exploration brings me to new ways of expression.

Karen BALL

My art practice is concerned with self-reflection. I make etchings, lithographs, collagraphs and three-dimensional objects which are symbolic and autobiographical. Prominent and recurring motifs [...]


Nostalgia is nourished by memories and yet if we let nostalgia consume us we forget to engage with the thrill of anticipation – that inevitably the life we now know will change and it requires [...]


My work primarily involves etching, I enjoy the process and the painterly effect I achieve with aquatint. My subject matter is indicated by what is of most emotional interest to me, the people, [...]


Coming from a background in the fibre arts and in history, I find the tactile nature of fabric and its place as a highly prized commodity used to demonstrate cultural achievement fascinating.


Miriam Cullen is a printmaker with black and white tastes but occasional colourful language. She combines a fascination for the classical, medieval and macabre with storybook imagery to explore [...]


Much interest in low/non toxic print methods, particularly etching. Often multiplate printing incorporating chine collé, embossing and other print methods.


I was a late-starter in the printmaking studio, despite a childhood fascination with wood engraving and etching. What continues to draw me in today is the combination of the technical, as seen [...]


I produce intricate linocuts that combine dry wit, satire and hard-hitting imagery which engage social, political and environmental issues.


Technically, one of the reasons print making is interesting for me is the variety of methods available (and they are still evolving). They can be quite seductive - computer with traditional, [...]

Seong CHO

'Trail Series' is an abstract expression of physical and spiritual landscapes. It is a topographical representation of the memories.


Inspiration for my work comes from nature, particularly its variety of forms and textures which I often incorporate in my work. I’m also inspired by special memories from my travels both within [...]


The power of the symbol as a way to shed light on mythic narratives is central to my artistic practice. As a printmaker I work intuitively with spontaneity and chance to find imagery that speaks [...]


Terese McManus pursues a strong interest in contemporary fine art prints, life drawings and canvases. In her work she aims to capture the feeling and essence of the scene, the texture and the [...]


My woodblock and monotype works are semi abstract, multi layered, and inspired by the broader landscape and trees in particular. It is the inherent qualities of these that I am seeking to reveal.

Tsushima Yoko

I have been inspired, in my print-making practice, predominantly by the Australian landscape. I have always used traditional Japanese woodblock methods with watercolours.